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Rewrite Card Printer - STAR TCP400 Series

TCP400 Gray

Features :

  • Star's precise heat control technology makes complete erasing and clear printing. Rewrite cards can be erasesd & re-printed more than 500 times.
  • Only 5 seconds to erase and re-print Leuco rewritable card!
  • The highest speed makes it possible for your customer not to wait on the long line to cashier
  • Rewrite card (or PVC Leuco card) supports high contrast black or blue text on any color background
  • Built-in cooling fan and switching interface
  • With build-in 3 Track read / write magnetic head, data can be captured in magnetic strip (TCP410 & TCP460)
  • Multiple options for embedded magnetic head and/or Mifare card Reader/Writer (TCP410, TCP450, TCP460 & TCP490)
  • Same commands with TCP310II (PET Rewrite Card or PET Thin Card), enables easy changes from each type of cards
  • Free SDK - Star Windows Driver, OCX driver and sample codes will be provided.
  • Easy Servicing - The cover can be opened by 2 steps. Operators can monitor it easily
  • Star is the only one who can provide the service & maintenance service DIRECTLY! Original parts plus well-trained-engineer!
  • Two colour versions - Charcoal grey or Star white

Introduction / Specification / Catalog / Manual / Driver / SDK / Utility / Accessories :


The TCP series offers the latest generation of Rewrite Card Reader/Writer systems. The TCP400 is a printer device which is used to write and erase information on PVC thick cards. Information like loyalty points and special promotions can be updated any time the card is entered into the printer device. The unique dual pass head can provide clear text, barcodes, photos or other high quality graphics at 60mm/second. The TCP series are compact and streamlined units that will fit into any environment and are simple to operate. The card is simply inserted into the front of the unit, updated and automatically ejected in as little as 4 seconds.



ModelTCP410 (with 3 Track magnetic read/write head)
TCP450 (with Mifare reader/writer)
TCP460 (with 3 Track magnetic read/write head and Mifare card reader/writer)
TCP490 (without any reader or writer)
Priting method Thermal
Font ANK; GB; BIG5 Fonts
Character 21 Columns X 13 lines (24 X 24 dots, double byte character)
42 Columns X 13 lines (12 X 24 dots, Single byte character)
Card Specification :
MaterialPVC / PET-G
Size85.6mm X 54mm, ISO Standard
Thickness 0.68mm - 0.84mm
Media Leuco Rewrite card
Magnetic Stripe 3 Track; ISO
Reader/Writer :
Card Feed Speed 300mm/sec when accessing magnetic stripe; 30mm/sec when erasing and printing
Interface RS-232C (d-sub 9pin), USB & Lan (option)
System Reliability300,000 cycle (4 passes/cycle)
Others :
Operating Conditions 5 to 35ºC, 20-80% RH (W/O condensation)
Dimensions (W x D x H) 119 X 270.5 X 132.5 mm
Weight approx 2.5kg


STAR Rewrite Card Printer Catalog - English Version [ 2639KB ]

STAR Rewrite Card Printer Catalog - Simple Chinese Version [ 1904KB ]


OCX Driver Command Manual [ 142KB ]

OCX Driver Command Manual [ 318KB ]

Cleaning Kit User Manual [ 555KB ]

More manuals ...

Driver / SDK / Utility


STAR IFBD-HE07/HE07X Ethernet Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2015.12.07 [ 367KB ]

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