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TUP500 Thermal Printer Mechanism

TUP592 with snout

Features :

  • High Speed Up to 220mm/sec
  • Modular Design for Easy Integration
  • Adjustable Print Width from 42mm to 82.5mm
  • Document Capture
  • Flashing LED Snout (Detachable)
  • Available With or Without Presenter

Introduction / Specification / Catalog / Manual / Driver / SDK / Utility / Accessories :


With a compact footprint and support for smaller paper widths, the TUP500 is a welcomed addition to Star kiosk printer line to provide solutions to a great range of applications.

The TUP500 features an industry leading print speed of up to 220 mm/sec and a high reliability at an MCBF of 60 Million Lines. The innovative looping presenter prevents paper jams by printing the receipt in full before providing it to the user. The Presenter also uses Star document capture technology to retract receipts left by the user, resulting in increased document security and a cleaner operation area.

A brand new innovative snout (bezel) can be attached to the presenter to capture the user's attention with programmable 2-color (red & green) flashing LED lights. The TUP500 features adjustable paper widths of 45mm - 82.5mm documents. With the addition of the optional Large Paper Roll Accessory, it supports up to a 15cm (or 10") paper roll for many hours of unattended operation.

The TUP500 kiosk printer is ideal for a wide range of applications including public information kiosks, gaming, lottery, web kiosks, and much more.



Mechanism - TMP542 & Cutter
Printing MethodDirect Line Thermal Printing
Printing SpeedDefault speed 180mm per second, up to 220mm per second
Printable WidthMax. 80mm
Top Margin11mm (3mm selectable with reverse feed)
Print Resolution8 or 16 x 8 dots/mm (203 or 406 x 203 dpi)
Paper Feed SpeedUp to 220mm per second
Paper Loading Semi Automatic with easy "Lift & Tilt" Functionality
Paper Sensors Black Mark / Paper End / Paper Near End
Print Head Life 100 km (using recommended paper)
Reliability 60 million lines MCBF
Interface Options USB, Ethernet, Parallel, Serial RS232C, 9-pin Serial
Paper Specifications :
WidthMin. 45mm to Max. 82.5mm
2 color pritningSpecial thermal paper required
Thinkness0.065 ~ 0.15mm
Roll DiameterStandard as 15cm or 6"; Option RHU-T500 : 25.4cm horizontal or 18cm Vertical layout
Cutter Specifications :
Autocutter Full Cut (Guillotine)
Autocutter Life Up to 1 millions cuts
Min. / Max. Cut Length TUP542: 25mm, TUP592: 75 ~ 300mm
Presenter Unit - PR500
Driving Motor One DC motor
Paper Loop Upper Side Loop
Presenter Function Document Eject Document Capture (Timed or Software controllable)
Ejecting Speed 300mm/s
Paper Thickness 0.065 ~ 0.15mm
Paper Length 70 to 300mm with Journal Mode for End-of-Day reporting
Dimensions 135.1 (W) x 57 (D) x 76.3 (H) mm
Life 1 million receipts
Control Board - TBD500
Flash ROM / SRAM 16 Mbit / 4 Mbit (2M x 2)
Logo Store Enabled
Emulations Star Line & Page Mode, ESC/POS™
Code Pages Star Mode = 40 + 1 blank, ESC/POS™ Mode 10 + 1 blank
Character Set Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, ANK, Japanese
1D Bar codeUPC-A, UPC-E, JAN/EAN-8, JAN/EAN-13, ITF, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, CODABAR (NW-7)
2D Barcode PDF417, QR
Mechanism Dimensions TMP542: 135 (W) x 101 (D) x 103 (H) mm
Open Frame Dimensions TUP592: 160 (W) x 234.1 (D) x 179 (H) mm
Without Presenter TUP542: 160 (W) x 185(D) x 179(H) mm
Options PS60 Power Supply; 25cm / 10" Paper Roll Holder (RHU-T500) & Large Roll Damper Roller Unit (DRU-T500B); Paper Exit Guide (SNOUT-T500) - LED lit with Flashing Attraction Mode


STAR TUP500 Series Catalog - Simple Chinese Version [ 1149KB ]

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STAR STARIO SDK Introduction - Simple Chinese Version [ 3.17MB ]


Windows Printer Driver Backup Utility Manual [ 1.57MB ]

How to recover problems after Windows10 Update [ 2.30MB ]

Star Line Mode Command Specifications [ 5.99MB ]

Star Page Mode Command Specifications [ 2.40MB ]

Star Line Thermal Printer ESC/POS® Mode Command Specifications [ 3.05MB ]

Star JavaPOS Software Manual (Legacy) [ 352KB ]

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More manuals ...

Driver / SDK / Utility


STAR PS60A-24C Power Supply Guide - Current as of 2019 [ 471KB ]

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STAR IFBD-HE07/HE07X Ethernet Interface Card Guide - Current as of 2015.12.07 [ 367KB ]

STAR IFBD-HE07/08 -BE07 Ethernet Interface Card User's Manual - Version 3.16 [ 7.12MB ]

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